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Meditation has been a topic of conversation and the focus of research for many years, dating as far back as the early 1950’s.  The research that has been done has been to prove on a scientific level that meditation does have certain effects on the human body.

People who have taken part in the various studies have had to provide blood samples, undergo MRI scans and answer questions during the course of the research so that the scientists could examine the results and come to a conclusion.

Most of the research that has gone into meditation has found that meditation does provide a variety of effects on the human body, all of which have been positive.

Some interesting facts that have been noted from the various studies, which might not be general knowledge to a lot of people.  The brain has the ability to change its structure by strengthening and expanding circuits which are used regularly while other circuits which are rarely used are weakened and shrunk, this flexibility is called neuroplasticity.

The results of the various studies that have been conducted while scientists, psychologists, and other professionals have performed research on the different meditations and their effects on the body have shown that the effects from meditation which participants have experienced are indeed real and there is scientific proof within the test subjects that support the results.

Meditation is a tool which helps you to navigate the rough waters of daily life, therefore the more you meditate the easier it is for you to handle situations and remain in control of your own thoughts and feelings.  People who meditate often appear to be calmer, more in control and able to see a situation for what it truly is without a problem, they are also more emotional and therefore they are able to express compassion and other emotional responses to situations without feeling abnormal.

Although there has been a lot of research done on meditation to date, there are still people who prefer to conduct their own studies, taking into account the results of certain scientific studies and combining that with their own group of friends and colleagues to see whether the practice of meditation is going to be of any benefit to them as an individual.

Research has shown that the most effective meditations are those that are designed to help you relax, clear your mind and focus on your breathing, although this practice sounds easy, it is one that takes a while to master, but the overall benefits are mentally, physically and spiritually positive.






















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